Seeing is believing
For some travellers it is important to have their personal opinion. And they don't trust any usual judgments or descriptions. They prefer to see the sights they like or choose on their own and not to follow any usual advises or travel books. That's why it's important to say that we are able to arrange any tours in Moscow and it's suburbs. And in between you might learn a bit of Russian language.
Moscow is awesome!
Book your tour with us. It can be a private tour or group tour. You can travel on business or for pleasure.
It can be a walking downtown tour or a tour by car with an option to visit Christ-the-Savour Cathedral area, New maiden monastery park and Sparrow hills observation platform.

If it is your first time travel to Moscow we can arrange an introductory tour for you showing the most important attractions in the centre of the city. When you are a frequent traveller and feel yourself in Moscow like a fish in the water - we advise you the most popular or rare sights, routs and places depending on your personal request. In order to make on our tour sequence of the various historical epochs and characters of a coherent whole of Moscow city past and present time.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: negotiable
Duration: 2 hours
Price: negotiable

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