Now days it is a splendid theme park with some amazing fountains and recently opened amusement wheel which is called "Sun of Moscow" - it is the largest wheel in Europa.
This abbreviation means the Exhibition of achievements of national economy. It was opened in the time of Soviet Union, while there were 15 Soviet Republics and its pavilions reflected the development of each republic.
Did you know that on December 14, 1991, the first Gagarin Party became an artistic action that glorified the new techno-culture against the background of textbook achievements of Cosmonautics - sound was given a key role. Many of the guests of that party will later become the basis of the club movement in Russia.
The history of Soviet space is known for everyone and now you can be a part of this story when you come to this stunning park to feel its romance and achievements and heroes familiar from childhood.
Duration: 1,5 hour
Price: negotiable
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