Moscow — is an ancient city with glorious history, and I really like to show this amazing city to you.

Hello, my name is Jenny. I am a professional tour guide and interpreter in Moscow. I would be glad to arrange sightseeing tours in English or German for you in Moscow and its surroundings that are popular among the guests of Moscow as well as locals.
Guided Tours
It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of Moscow. You can feel the beat of the heart of the city and be affected by its enchantment.
Tsar-canon on the Cathedral Square in Kremlin
Why Moscow is so attractive even in winter
We have 4 seasons in Moscow. That's why sometimes it might be -20 C in December or January and you have to wear warm jacket, boots, cap and even mittens or gloves. To make yourself comfortable while walking in this winter fairy-tale country.

Bolshoi theatre is one of the most amazing attractions in Moscow
There is a new and historical stage too, both have exclusive acoustics and modern stage equipment.
The Bolshoi is constantly adding talented young artists and costume designers to it's company. The Bolshoi's ballet has been acclaimed as being of world importance.
VDNH park
VDNH is a well known abbreviation for Russian citizens, though every foreigner will be puzzled hearing this word.
This historical park reflects the development of national agricultural and economy in the Soviet Union. And here you can see amazing fountains and pavilions of former SU republics. The park territory and pavilions were restored recently which makes it one of the most beloved modern parks in Moscow.
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Kolomenskoye park
If you are looking for a picturesque place in nature to escape hustle and bustle of hectic city life, this a perfect place.
You can visit the wooden complex of chambers erected for Tsar and Tsarina. And we'll tell you amazing stories about their life. For those of you who is eager to learn some Russian words, proverbs as well as Russian traditions - it's the best chance.
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